In order of appearance...

  • Zarine Kharas CEO
  • Anne -Marie Huby Managing Director
  • Will Hardy Information Architect
  • Elizabeth Kessick Usability
  • Dom Lacey Chief Technical Officer
  • Jason HortonSystems Dev Manager
  • Jules Rickard Consumer Helpdesk
  • Simon Doggett User Champion
  • Derrick De Mel Application Developer
  • Neil BannisterChief Financial Officer
  • Jonathan Waddingham Charity Champion
  • Ryan Harrison-GrundyFinance
  • Tim TrumanFinance
  • Michael WellsConsumer Helpdesk
  • Hem Haria Database Administrator
  • Rasha HassanWeb Developer
  • Kai Chan Vong Design team lead
  • Liz SmithCharity account manager
  • Jan Braglewicz Finance Manager
  • Mat ChambersApplication Developer
  • Matthew KnightsTechnical Architect
  • Gemma RandallCharity training and education
  • Naren Chauhan Application Developer
  • Sophie de Albuquerque Content Editor
  • Charlie ArnottOps Manager
  • Huu anh Chu Consumer Helpdesk
  • Lee Marshall New Business
  • Will ColleyDesigner
  • Natalie Ward Charity Helpdesk
  • Elie Labeca Web Developer
  • Marco Kuntze Account Manager
  • John Henry Analyst
  • Sukh Gidda Database Administrator
  • Mary Pabbathi Web developer
  • Nick Nyonyintono Designer
  • Harjhot Chhachhi Finance
  • Charlotte Harris Head of Client Services
  • Rita BhowanProject manager
  • Tim HendersonSystems admin
  • Web developer
  • Heather BirdCommunity manager
  • Steve WoodmanWeb developer

This is why we love working at Justgiving:

  1. We have the best users ever. We're constantly in awe of the people and charities raising funds through our website - they do the most amazing and inspiring things. Without them we would be nothing. We never, ever lose sight of that. It's what makes us, and them, Justgivers.
  2. We all have a voice. Whether you're a helpdesker, a developer or the CEO, everyone in our team feels personally responsible for making sure we're making things better.
  3. We're driven by data, not egos. All of the best work we do comes out of solid research, some instinct and fierce internal debate. Management obviously has the final word, but we always get to voice our opinions. We like to take risks and learn just as much from our failures as we do from our success.
  4. Integrity rules. When we recruit, of course we look for talented people. But we only want talented people who echo our values and truly want to make a difference. Qualifications are important, but they're not the be all and end all.
  5. Accountability keeps us structured. There's not much bureaucracy here and we're not interested in unnecessary hierarchy. All of the Justgiving team know what each other does and that focus keeps everyone accountable and on target. We all know that completing our individual projects on time makes a real difference to the overall picture.
  6. We get rewarded properly. We pay close attention to market salary rates. We have an office in Boston, USA and we’re all encouraged to visit every year. We also get to work in a nice office with comfy chairs and drink as much free coffee as we can handle. Which is lots.
  7. We like change. If something can be done better, we'll always call it out and act fast to change it. Our CEO, Zarine, roves around the office counselling opinions on decisions, whether they're big or small.
  8. We have fun. We're friends and we like going out for lunch, going to the pub, and playing table tennis. People tend to stay here for a long time, because they like their colleagues as much as their job.

It's taken us seven years to get here, and we're excited about the next seven, and the seven after that. If you want to be part of it then please check out our jobs section.

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