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Page creator: Leanne King
Event: Cooper's Field, Bute Park
Event Date: 11th Oct 2009
Team Members: Leanne and Katrina King
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Hey guys!

I felt really proud watching my 7 year old cousin Megs and my Auntie Vye doing the 5k Race for Life today and I thought "Hell if Megs can do 5k at only 7 years old surely I'm capable of running 10k's?!" So I got home, had a thought on it and managed to drag Trina in to this as well!

Sadly too many people get affected by cancer in their lifetime, either directly or indirectly. Personally, Trina and myself lost our Grampy in Dec 05 to liver cancer and our Grandpa in July 08 to what was originally prostate cancer. Luckily tho, our cousin Kelly who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 has fought it and pulled through =)

So we're doing this in memory of our Grandfathers as well as for all those people who may need Cancer Research UK's help in the future!

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It?s also the most efficient way to sponsor us: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you?re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

So please sponsor us now and help us smash through our target! (We have hidden the amounts so feel free to donate as little as you like! =P)

Thanks all =)

Leanne and Katrina x

Display Name Date  Comment 14/10/2009 good luck 
Adrian 11/10/2009 Well done on beating your target. Have fun on the race. I'm sure that seeing so much support for you in your quest will add strength to Kelly in hers. 
tony richardson 10/10/2009 go for it girls,it got my wife at 49 
Paul 10/10/2009 Good Luck 
Tash Legg 10/10/2009 Good luck girlies! Love u x x x 
Emily Roberts 10/10/2009 Good Luck Girlies :) xxx 
Harry Rose 06/10/2009 Get stuck in and good luck.. 
Claire Lippiett 06/10/2009 Good luck girls!! 06/10/2009 Good Luck from 
Val & Ian 05/10/2009 Good luck ladies. Sure you can make it. I did (and more) many many years ago. 
Jan & Chris 04/10/2009 We are sure all the training is going to plan good luck no pain no gain 
FreePhotoPrinting.Net 02/10/2009 Good Luck - get your photos of the day printed @ FreePhotoPrinting.Net ;) 01/10/2009 Best of luck from 
Susan 01/10/2009 Saw you on Twitter. Good for you and good luck with it. 
colin&linda 30/09/2009  
Richard Cracknell 30/09/2009 Good luck with the run 
David Merry 29/09/2009 Good luck with the run, my friend is doing something similar! 
Andre Niemand 27/09/2009 All the best! 
Vin 25/09/2009 Well worth it! 
Graham Gerard 25/09/2009 Good luck! Still nothing from the old man then?? 
Anon 24/09/2009 Extra good luck girlies. xxx 
sarah bonser 21/09/2009 good luck both of you, i couldn't do it! 
Kate Morris 20/09/2009 Good Luck! 
Stonies 19/09/2009 Rock around the clock girls! 
Anna 18/09/2009 Good luck 
Jamie Keen 18/09/2009 give my regards to kelly, and best of luck to you both! 
Lauren 17/09/2009 Wish you all the best for your run, love Lauren and Luke xxx 
Anon 17/09/2009 Good luck girlies, you are both truly beautiful people xxx 
graham waddell 17/09/2009 Good luck, maybe your dad will contribute as well 
Olivia Scarfi 16/09/2009 do your best Lil and Trina! 
Danielle Valentine 16/09/2009 Good Luck, I struggled with 5k! Well Done 
Gemma Horsell 16/09/2009 Good Luck Girlies =) xxxxxxxx 
Mike Elias 16/09/2009 Good luck girls x 
Christian Simpson 06/09/2009 Good Luck You Two  
Namrata Sanikop 08/06/2009 Good luck girlies! xxx 
Paul Vawer 02/06/2009 Hadn?t somebody better get training to carry Trina over the finish line :P 
Jack Sanderson 02/06/2009 Da da daa, da da daa, da da da da da, da daaa. ('Rocky Theme' means get Training!) Good luck!! 
Tom De Abreu 01/06/2009 Go for it, I'm rooting for you!! I miss you both already! 
Iain Orkisz 31/05/2009 Get them training boots on!! Great cause, best of luck to you both. 
Gemma Durston 31/05/2009 Good luck!! Your going to need it,he he :) 
matt and kelly 31/05/2009 you can do it! 
Cathy King 31/05/2009 You go girls ! 
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