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Page creator: matthew keay
Event: Tatton Park
Event Date: 26th Sep 2010
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Cmon, sponsor fatty
About my charity : Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Our groundbreaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has saved millions of lives. Survival rates have doubled in the last thirty years and we have been at the heart of that progress. But one in three of us will still get cancer at some point and our vital work, funded entirely by the public, will help ensure that millions more people will survive.
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Fundraising target:  £300.00
Donations so far:  £ 40.00
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My personal message:

Standard gubbins below but pls sponsor me for my 10k! I'm going to try and get a sub 1hr time annnnd I promise to return thanks for any donations with buying you beers for your donations! Cmon, national charity AND you'll be entertaining yourself with the thought of me running!

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

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So please sponsor me now!

Display Name Date Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
Tig 02/08/2010 £10.00 £2.82 Bargain price to send you 10K further away :-)  
Whittle 02/08/2010 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck! 
redbaron 01/08/2010 £10.00 £2.82  
Gareth Williams 01/08/2010 £5.00 £1.41 Run fatty! 
ReD_DeViL 01/08/2010 £5.00 £1.41 Test complete :P 
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*Total donated online: £40.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Gift Aid plus supplement: £11.28
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