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Nick Atkins' Fundraising Page
Page creator: Nick Atkins
Event: Leeds Castle
Event Date: 27th Sep 2009
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Mum, me, Dad 1970
About my charity : Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. We support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 4,250 scientists, doctors and nurses. Over the past 10 years alone, thousands of lives have been saved through earlier detection and improved treatments. But, much work remains to be done if we are to achieve our aim of beating cancer.
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Fundraising target:  £2,000.00
Donations so far:  £ 2,290.00
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My personal message:

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Leeds Castle 10k on September 27th 2009.

As many of you know, I lost my Dad to cancer 4 years ago and my Mum is now suffering from terminal ovarian cancer. I know it's a bit last minute but I found out about this race late, and it's local. Please give what you can, doesn't matter if you're in the UK or US. Thanks!

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It's also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

So please sponsor me now!

Display Name Date Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
Finbarr 27/09/2009 £30.00 £8.46 go you - take it easy dude 
Chris and Kristin 26/09/2009 £100.00 n/a Have a good run, Nick...  
Steen 26/09/2009 £30.00 n/a All the best! 
Zen Chen 26/09/2009 £100.00 n/a Run, run after your goal 
Richard Scorer 25/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Best wishes to your Mum, enjoy the run! 
Pilan Foo 25/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Run, Nick Run...I'll pray for your mom, you and your cause for running... 
Karen Wang 25/09/2009 £30.00 n/a Good Luck! Have a great run! 
Robert and Rhonda 25/09/2009 £100.00 n/a Glad you can be in England with your mom, Jen and Elise Mary. Have a good run. 
Helen and Perri 25/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Best wishes to your mom 
Jenn Rhim 25/09/2009 £30.00 n/a Have a great run, Nick. All the best! 
Po-An 25/09/2009 £50.00 n/a  
mary and alex tang 25/09/2009 £60.00 n/a Have a great run Nick! 
Paul 25/09/2009 £30.00 n/a Limited funds, hope this helps! 
Joseph Chen 25/09/2009 £50.00 n/a  
Jack Wang 24/09/2009 £500.00 n/a run for good cause 
Sue C 24/09/2009 £50.00 n/a  
Lisa W and Chris L 24/09/2009 £25.00 n/a Have a good run! 
Steve W 24/09/2009 £50.00 n/a  
Ramesh Kumar 24/09/2009 £5.00 n/a All the best 
Alex 24/09/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Good on you Nick...and lovely picture of you and your can tell you are your father's son!  
Carl 24/09/2009 £50.00 n/a good luck 
Colan 24/09/2009 £50.00 n/a the Tues Tennis Club cheers you on 
Diego M Cremona 24/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Thanks for running for a great cause...good luck! 
David Simms 24/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Good luck Nick, You really look like your Dad in the photo 
Wayne 24/09/2009 £30.00 n/a Thanks for doing this, Nick. Great photo of you and your parents! 
Pierre 24/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Good luck Nick! 
Antony Atkins 24/09/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Great idea Nick to do this. Clare and I will be there to cheer you on on Sunday. 
Ingrid 23/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Good luck Nick, I?ll be sending you good vibes from NY :)  
Brent 23/09/2009 £20.00 n/a  
Caroline King (Wood) 23/09/2009 £20.00 n/a In memory of my mum. Good luck! x  
Y&T 23/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Good luck 
John and Dina 23/09/2009 £30.00 n/a  
Allan Gray 22/09/2009 £50.00 n/a No vino until you're at least half way there 
Plattsy 22/09/2009 £50.00 n/a run like the wind - this is so important 
John McCabe 22/09/2009 £30.00 n/a Good luck Nick. 
Afrooz Emami 22/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Great cause! Have fun :) 
J Hsu & Andrew Marshall 22/09/2009 £20.00 n/a You go, Nick! 
Adam Szymkowiak 21/09/2009 £20.00 n/a Good luck! 
Gianluca 21/09/2009 £40.00 n/a Proud of being your friend. Go Nick! 
Mohana 21/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Great cause Nicka, wish I could run too! 
Kim Jordan 21/09/2009 £15.00 n/a Awesome cause, Nick. Good luck to you reaching your goal!! (Sorry I can't do more...) 
Sally Pollard & Family 21/09/2009 £25.00 n/a Admirable stuff Nick x 
Michele 20/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Let There Be Hope 
Carolyn Atkins 20/09/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Wish I was fit enough to do it with you - Maybe next year! Love you. x 
Anonymous 20/09/2009 £50.00 n/a Good luck mate 
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*Total donated online: £2,290.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Gift Aid plus supplement: £50.77
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