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El Capitan - June 2009
About the charity : Help for Heroes Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes supports our wounded. Help for Heroes provides practical direct support to those servicemen and women wounded in the line of duty in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Charity Registration No 1120920
Fundraising target:  £1,000,000.00
Donations so far:  £ 1,333,489.17
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Personal message:

Visit for more information on how you can help Phil

I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far and am very aware that if it were not for this support, i would not be where i am now.

Alongside the 3 other charities I support, I will continue to raise as much as I can for Help for Heroes.

This is now about raising the profile of disability sports as well and hopefully enthusing young people with disabilities.

Thank you once again for your support - it has meant and means a great deal to so many.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. Help for Heroes will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.  Thank you for your support, Phil Packer

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Patricia, Sittingbourne 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a You are an inspiration to others, Good Luck 
Linda Brown 28/04/2009 £15.00 £4.23 Good Luck 
Sarah Paynter 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 you are inspirational. good luck with the marathon 
dan sailor 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 you are absolutly brilliant 
Malcolm Head 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Your courage defies belief! 
Anthony Canterbury 28/04/2009 £30.00 £8.46 Brilliant effort, thinking of you with each step, good luck. 
Nancy Lindsay 28/04/2009 £100.00 £28.21 Greatly admire your efforts. Well done! 
Mike 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 From an old MP,Congratulations, Keep going Sir 
David Cooper 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 An Inspiration 
Stuart G 28/04/2009 £15.00 n/a good luck 
Alan & Margaret Baines 28/04/2009 £52.00 £14.67 What an inspiration to us all. Good luck. 
Jill Lightowler & Sue Wilson 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Good luck Phil. You are a true British hero and we are proud of you. You are everything that's good about this country. We salute your courage. 
June Walker 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 I saw you on breakfast tv and was moved by your courage and bravery. 
Mary Doyle 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You're an example to all. Good luck. 
Jackie & Benjamin Scott 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Best of luck! 
Councillor Trudi Wood 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Help BY Heroes FOR Heroes, I salute you and I applaud you and I am canvassing support for you from everyone I can. Keep Going! XXX 
Sandra & David Mansell 28/04/2009 £15.00 £4.23 You are amazing. Best wishes 
Steve Holmes 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Helping all our true heroes 
Brendan O'Reilly 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good on you, and good luck. 
Catherine Sherwood 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Well done Phil. 
Gavin & Laura Caldwell 28/04/2009 £15.00 £4.23 Well done so far - hopefully see you in the Mall to cheer you home! 
Barbara 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You are an inspiration to us all. I know you'll do it. 
julian and Gina Tatum 28/04/2009 £15.00 £4.23 great effort. Keep it up, we are proud of you and your armed forces heroes 
Julien and Erin 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You make us proud! 
Hanora & Simon Davey 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 We are in total awe of what you are doing to help support your colleagues via Help for Heroes. You are simply the best! 
Eck 28/04/2009 £15.00 £4.23  
John and Jo Munnery 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 A true unselfish and formidable achiever 
Daniel Stevens 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Fantastic effort - best of luck in raising the million! 
Paul & Jackie Hartley 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 we are humbled by your courage - good luck in all you do for a very worthy cause 
Rimmer Family 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 You are an amazing human being. We salute you. 
Mike K 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 You are a true hero and inspiration to us.Good luck mate. 
Dunny 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a Your strength of mind will deliver for Help for Heroes. Of that there is no doubt. Help from a Hero indeed.  
Anonymous 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82  
Roger Woodward MBE 28/04/2009 £25.00 n/a This is support for all the armed forces stirling work 
Anonymous 28/04/2009 £5.00 n/a  
Mark Ponsford 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 it was tough enough for me with a simple torn calf, cant beleive your doing this.. Well done mate 
Mary Doyle 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You're an example to all. Good luck 
Sandra 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck with your target. You're a very brave man and deserve the country's respect. 
Anonymous 28/04/2009 £26.00 n/a I am lost for words, you are such an inspiration!!! I wish you the best of luck with all your remaining challenges, may g-d always be with you. 
Cara Spencer 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 I ran London on Sunday, but when I heard of your efforts I felt totally humbled. What an inspiration - wishing you all the luck in the world. 
Dereck and Jean Penfold 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a Fantastic Effort - Keep Going 
The Burrell Family 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 You are our hero. We'll never forget your courage. 
Steve Bull 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 A truly priceless effort ? never mind the £1+m ? well done ? everyone is proud of you. 
Helen 28/04/2009 £52.00 £14.67 A great opportunity to show how wholeheartedly the general public supports all our servicemen. What an inspiration you are!  
P Smith 28/04/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Well Done Best of Luck 
George 28/04/2009 £5.00 £1.41 You don't have to suffer the whole 26 miles. You will be a hero at any distance  
Brian 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Well done, All the Best 
Margaret & Doreen 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 You are an inspiration to everyone! 
Simon Eastwood 28/04/2009 £100.00 £28.21 What a star for a fantastic cause 
Bryony White 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Just brilliant, wishing you well in the next two weeks.  
Fiona 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Tremendous effort Phil - hope you get to £1m for the boys 
Alan 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Exemplo ducemus - well done. 
David O'Connor 28/04/2009 £100.00 £28.21 Well done - fantastic effort 
Martyn 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck  
The Whites 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a Inspirational - keep going! 
Imogen 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 very best wishes in all you do 
Nix 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 well done; good luck! 
Gareth 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 What can I say? Just read all the messages previous to mine. 
DAISY DAMES 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Well done 
Bob Shurville 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You are an inspiration to all of us. Good luck with all your future endeavours.  
val and keith Seymour 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Well Done Sir 
Andrew 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 A true hero. 
Norman & Jan Ladds 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Keep going mate, you're a hero 
Len Marshall ( RAF Ret'd) 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Well done. 
Deborah G 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 A little help for a real hero 
Carolyn 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 A huge thank you to you and all the service men who give their lives to protect us. 
Tim 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck 
L.A.Lock 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck 
harasniffud 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 You're doing an amazing thing. Best of luck all the way 
Roger Lang 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 I hope you get as much support from the Government that sends you and your colleagues to war as you receive from the public who admire you so greatly 
Jennie 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 It's people like you that give me faith in this country. All the best! 
Gary & Sarah 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Totally inspirational. A true hero and a great example for all to follow!  
Pamela 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a Good luck to you from my son Will who is an army cadet .What courage you have. 
The Bowlsies 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Saw your appeal on the TV and admire your courage, good luck 
Heather Bolt 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Congratulations and well done 
Cath Ives 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 You are amazing and have shown real courage. Good on you for bringing this charity to the forefront of the British Public. Your are one of our heros.x 
Katrine 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 No words to describe my admiration and respect 
David Rawson 28/04/2009 £20.00 n/a After yesterday, the weather can only get better. Good luck from an OLD round tabler 
sally marlow 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 courage! 
a m thomson 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 full of admiration - all the best 
Chris Egby 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Great challenge for a good cause Phil 
Victoria Neate 28/04/2009 £5.00 £1.41 You can do it, Good Luck. XXX 
Lisa McBurnie 28/04/2009 £50.00 £14.10 What an inspiration you are to us all. Good luck with the remainder of the challenge 
Kate 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck 
Antonia 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 All the very best to you Phil. well done. 
Carley 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 All the best of luck! 
Lynsey Budgen 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Well Done - a true hero 
Kelly 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Brilliant, we will see you tomorrow. 
Chris Hill 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Well done - an inspiration to us all. 
Keith Richardson 28/04/2009 £30.00 £8.46 Keep going Mate, from one Army Boy to another ( + his wife!) 
Kelly Anthony 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 You are amazing. 
Otto, Ruth and Charlie 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Thank you.  
Jean Cresswell 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Congratulations - what an inspiration! 
Sheila Henderson 28/04/2009 £30.00 £8.46 Such an inspiration. 
Anonymous 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 What a brilliant effort - keep it up! 
Sally (Blackheath runner) 28/04/2009 £10.00 £2.82 It was great to take a few steps with you. Keep going and good luck - you are an amazing example to us all.  
Trish 28/04/2009 £100.00 £28.21 What a great inspiration you are to us all! 
Emily 28/04/2009 £10.00 n/a An inspiration to everyone. Keep it up. 
Maureen Cox 28/04/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Hope you reach your goal, good luck 
margaret sheils 28/04/2009 £20.00 £5.64 What an inspiration-God bless you and give you strength in all you do 
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