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Saleem Butt's Fundraising Page
Page creator: Saleem Butt
Event: Hampton Court Palace
Event Date: 28th Sep 2008
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About my charity : Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. We support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 4,250 scientists, doctors and nurses. Over the past 10 years alone, thousands of lives have been saved through earlier detection and improved treatments. But, much work remains to be done if we are to achieve our aim of beating cancer.
Charity Registration No 1089464
Fundraising target:  £150.00
Donations so far:  £ 214.50
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My personal message:

Most of you know me as a person who likes challenges & always collecting for Charity so let?s not be disappointed as I am doing both.

I have lost 3 people very close to me therefore this is a personal. Please donate generously and thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It?s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you?re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

So please sponsor me now!

Display Name Date Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
Jean Woolley 11/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 I'm sure your whiz round the course, GOOD LUCK 
Dave Stewart 10/09/2008 £12.00 £3.38 Good Luck :-) 
Martin Stilwell 10/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 You'll never make it. You have trouble walking to the car! Remember The Wrekin ....... 
Rosemary Wells 09/09/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck 
Chris Ellis 02/09/2008 £7.50 £2.12 Good luck 
Hanifa 26/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck - I'll be thinking of you!! 
malc siddall 26/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 nice one Saleem - hope you enjoy the experience  
Sarah Caffrey 21/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Not too many beans the night before! 
Paul Johnston 19/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck 
Debbi O'Sullivan 18/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good for you! 
Jim Carr 15/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Go for it Saleem - 2012's not that far away! 
Alan Goulding 11/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Hope you don't have to run through the Hampton Court Maze at the finishing line!Keep the embrocation going! 
Jason Thornton 08/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Run Butty Run!! Don't forget to get some pictures as you fall over - Oops I mean cross the line. Good luck Mate! 
Shabir Ahmed 07/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 thats some distance - hope its not a up hill trek - for your sake! 
Lesley E 07/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Pop in for a rub down after, I only live up the road! 
Charles Touhey 07/08/2008 £25.00 £7.05 Good Luck Saleem 
Lisa Hamilton 06/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 You can do it !!!!!! xxxx 
Geraldine Ingham 06/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 take it steady Saleem -what a worthy cause though. all the best 
Jonathan Bridges 05/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Rather you doing the 10K than me :-) 
Rukhsana 05/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck! 
Tracey Patterson 05/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good Luck Saleem 
Tahir Hussain 05/08/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck..! 
Andy Fell 05/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck - great cause 
Steve Fitzhenry 05/08/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Come On Saleem 
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*Total donated online: £214.50
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Gift Aid plus supplement: £60.50
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