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Simon Goring's Fundraising Page
Page creator: Simon Goring
Event: Weston Park
Event Date: 19th Oct 2008
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Me and my Dad currently still recovering
About my charity : Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK
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My personal message:

Dear All


As some of you may know, my father hasn't been at all well recently and is currently still recovering from a major operation to remove a cancerous tumor from his stomach.  Although he faces the prospect of 5 further months of chemotherapy (having already had two lots prior to the Op.), he has been strong throughout and continues to just get on with the next step, without question.


As you can imagine, this has all been pretty tough on my family and me, and has made me feel somewhat useless as regards being able to help him. As a result, with my Dad's willpower as inspiration, my brother (Will) and I have decided to get our own back.  We are therefore undertaking a 10K sponsored run in aid of Cancer Research, in an effort to raise money to help all cancer sufferers, including my Dad.


P.S. All those who know me will understand that, I am more of what you would call a ?sprinter? than a ?distance runner?, so I promise, I will be trying my hardest!


Thanks for visiting my fundraising page and please sponsor me now!


Donations can be made through ?Justgiving?. It is quick, easy and totally secure. It?s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you?re a UK taxpayer, ?Justgiving? makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

Display Name Date Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
Glyn 16/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Simon & remeber dont use all your energy talking flowery ???? 
Jeff & Trish 15/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Simon, wishing you and your family all the best. 
Len 14/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck a good cause 
Margaret 14/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck  
Paul Bryant 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good cause - best of luck with it :) 
Rowena 14/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck! 
Martin Pykett 14/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck with the run, I would rather you show me a chip butty instead any day!  
Nathan Towers 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good Luck.....GO GO GO 
Caite 14/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck 
Paul Wallas 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Best of luck 
Darren Beale 14/10/2008 £15.00 £4.23 Go for a poo beforehand! 
Chad Tomkiss (Soula!) 14/10/2008 £5.00 n/a best of luck mate! 
Katie Downing-Howitt 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck with the run. I've spent many a weekend in Weston Park when I was little & know what you all must be going through. Katie 
Craig Parker 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck on your run, i am sure you'll make your target. 
Clare Brace 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Best of luck with everything x 
Phil Coleman 14/10/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Go Simon Go! 
Tom & Ellie 14/10/2008 £30.00 £8.46 Mate if I can do it with my beer belly you'll be round it like a racing snake!! I'll be at the finish with a cold beer! ;0) love to the family x 
Chris Pembleton 02/10/2008 £30.00 £8.46 Good luck Simon XX 
Becky & Phil 02/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Best of luck Simon! 
craig walsh 01/10/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck lads, i am behind you all the way, Si - you may have to up your pasta intake from 2 helpings per meal to 5 for this one! 
Cheryl D 01/10/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck  
Becca, Roo & Beth 30/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Roo says that he will give you an extra £10 if you wear a Leeds shirt!! Good luck Simon, we definately know how important the charity is!!!!  
Ashleigh Smyth Osborne 30/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 My wages cleared, good luck simon.xx 
Aimie, Dale & Darcey 30/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Simon ... Probably best not to go crazy on the curry on Sat night ... you can have a bit of mine! xoxox (Dale refuses to share his!!)  
Faye Crossley (Systems Integration) 29/09/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck hope it goes well 
John C 29/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 best of luck to both you and your father 
Jean Johnson 29/09/2008 £3.00 £0.85 Good Luck!!  
Jim Fallon 29/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82  
Max 28/09/2008 £10.00 n/a Good luck mate. All the best for the day. 
Steve 25/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Girl 
Claire 25/09/2008 £40.00 n/a Good luck babe! Love you XXXXXXXXXX 5 from Mary 5 from Donna 10 from Laura - good luck from them too!! 
Catherine Noble 25/09/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck! 
Fiona P 25/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Remember your display in the office D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N!! Good Luck! 
Adrian 24/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Go on Si! Good luck fella! 
James Clarke 24/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck mate, bagsy on your side next time we play footy! 
Jackie (OH Nurse) 24/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 good luck, hope your BP holds out 
Laura and Will 23/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Si - go for it!! 
Maria Manuel 23/09/2008 £15.00 £4.23 Good Luck! Hope all goes well.  
George 23/09/2008 £30.00 £8.46 Go Si!!  
Angela Massingham 23/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck Simon with the run and Best Wishes to your dad for his further treatment.  
Sylvia Duncan 23/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 The Best of Luck 
Maggie Mullen 23/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 No excuse for lack of training now you have wii fit! :) Good Luck Si xx 
Ange Podmore 22/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Simon your Dad must be very proud! 
John 22/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Best of luck 
Ian 'n' Jo 22/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 This is coming right out of my beer money Si !, so you know how serious this is to me! Run Fat Boy Run!!! - Good look Mate, Ian And Jo x 
Matt Swain 22/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Si, or should I say, Peter Andre !!! 
Richard D 22/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 See if you can get under my PB of 44 mins (whilst weighing 16 stone) 
Gemma B 22/09/2008 £5.00 £1.41 Good Luck with everything!! 
Nina Dosanjh 22/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Good Luck  
Neil S 22/09/2008 £20.00 £5.64 Good cause. Good luck. Any chance of a lap of honour?! 
Hazel 22/09/2008 £10.00 £2.82 Here's your Starter for Ten..... 
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