We've made a video to show you how our fee works. Its only 60 seconds long!

We process donations and reclaim Gift Aid for our member charities, and charge a small fee for our service. It works like this:

  1. When you donate 10 on our site, we send 100% to the charity by the end of the week.
  2. We reclaim 2.82 from the government (Gift Aid plus a supplement), which takes about a month.
  3. Its only when we receive the Gift Aid that we charge our 5% fee, along with credit/debit card/PayPal charges, and send the rest to the charity. If you are not a UK taxpayer and we cant reclaim Gift Aid, our fee comes out of your donation.

So, for every 10 you give as a UK taxpayer, the charity receives almost 12, and they get it much faster than they would otherwise.

Were continuing to phase out the paper end of fundraising as we believe online is where the future lies. Using Justgiving is a no-brainer for our charity why would we use anything else?

Helen Yates, Director of MSRC

What we do for our fee

In a nutshell, we create and maintain the complex systems needed to handle large volumes of tax-efficient donations, so that charities dont have to. Instead of buying and maintaining their own technology, our member charities use our platform and pay as they go a no-risk, low-cost option.

But what do we (all 43 of us) actually do?

We look after our server farm 24/7, manage the complex payment systems needed to process donations, process Gift Aid, improve our fundraising pages, (have you noticed PayPal on them lately?), create new fundraising tools for our users (like our lovely Facebook application), constantly develop our reporting service for charities, and run a legendary helpdesk service for both individual users and member charities, giving them expert advice and solving their problems every day of the week.

And whatever the government changes at short notice, whether its the VAT rate or a new rule on Gift Aid, we update our systems at the drop of a hat so that our service is always 100% compliant.

We invest continuously to make Justgiving the best and most robust fundraising platform in the world, for the benefit of our member charities.