Raising money
How do I turn off the donation table columns on my page?
  1. Click on Your Account
  2. Enter your email address and password and click on Continue using our secure server
  3. Click on Your fundraising pages
  4. Click on Go next to the page you want to change
  5. Click on Edit your page
  6. Scroll down to the four columns across the screen and click on the green tick by the column you want to hide
  7. Click on Save and continue

Which columns can I turn off?

Any of them, all of them or any combination. For example, you might want to display people?s names and comments and hide the amount they donated, or you might want to hide the date they made the donation.

Can I change my mind and turn columns back on again?

Yes, you can turn them on again whenever you like by following the steps above and removing the tick from the column you want to turn on.

What happens when I turn a column back on?

All the information entered since you created your page will be visible.

Should I leave the comments column visible?

We would recommend you leave people?s names and comments, even if you choose to hide the donation amounts. Comments make the page much more interesting for people who look at it and encourage them to donate so they can add their own message.

Can I still see the information if I hide the columns?

Yes. You can hide columns from public view on our website and still see them when you log into to your Justgiving account - so you?ll know who donated, how much, when and what comments they left.

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