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How do I upload an image to my page?

Once you?ve created a fundraising page, make sure you have a digital image saved on your computer, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on Your Account
  2. Enter your email address and password then click on Continue using our secure server
  3. Click on Your fundraising pages
  4. Click on Go next to the page you want to change
  5. Click on Do some basic page editing
  6. Click on change this image (under the picture)
  7. Click on Upload your own image
  8. Click on Browse and find the image you want to use
  9. Click on Upload
  10. Wait while your image is uploaded (it can take up to two minutes)
  11. Click on I'm happy with my image then click on Save and continue

Remember to email your updated page to friends and use the Justgiving widget and badges on your websites and blogs!

The maximum image size is 1500kb. JPG images will be resized to fit on your page but GIF images can't be resized, so make sure they are 250 x 250 pixels maximum.

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