What are Verified by VISA (VBV?) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC?)?

VISA and MasterCard have created a higher standard of security for online card transactions, called Verified by VISA (VBV?) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC?) respectively.

When you make a donation through the Justgiving site using a VISA card or MasterCard, you will now be taken to the secure site of your card issuer and asked to verify your card details by confirming a password.

Once you have verified your card, you will automatically be brought back to the Justgiving site to complete your donation.

Justgiving will have no knowledge of or access to your password.

Why did Justgiving introduce this?

These verification processes provide an extra layer of protection when using credit cards online. As Justgiving takes your card security very seriously, we want to provide the highest possible levels of security on our site.

These new verification processes will become compulsory for all online merchants during 2007.

How secure will my password be?

Justgiving has no knowledge of, or access to, your VBV? or MasterCard SecureCode? password at any time. This is why you are asked to submit your password to your card issuer directly, over a secure link. The Justgiving system does not see or store your password.

What does the ?Authorisation request failure? message mean?

It means that your card issuer has not managed to verify your card successfully. Please call your card issuer for assistance and try to donate again later.

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