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Event: The Mazda London Triathlon 2009
Event Date: 1st Aug 2009
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About my charity : Make-A-Wish Foundation UK Make-A-Wish Foundation UK
Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK aims to grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses. A wish granted is truly magical and provides memories that last a lifetime.
Charity Registration No (England & Wales) 295672 (Scotland) SC037479
Donations so far:  £ 17,547.66
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Hi everyone
Wow what a start to the season!
As you probably know I've been taking part in triathlons over the past couple of years as a way of keeping fit for my racing. As we are so busy this year, I won't be able to do as many triathlons as I would like but thought that I would give the London Triathlon a go. It's the biggest triathlon in the world so I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a charity that is very close to my heart.
I'm a Patron of the Make A Wish Foundation and have had the pleasure of meeting lots of kids who are supported by the charity at our tests and races. Make A Wish grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses and it is a real privilege to be involved with them. The kids are so inspirational and hopefully we can raise enough money to fulfil as many of their dreams as possible.
The London Triathlon takes place on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August with almost 11,000 competitors! The race covers a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run. I'm aiming to finish in the top 10% so no pressure!
Somehow I have even persuaded my two race engineers Shov and Bono to take part! They will be competing in the half distance event.
So please dig into your pockets and sponsor me. Your money will be going to a very worthy cause and helping to make dreams come true for some very poorly children.
Thanks very much for any support that you can give...
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louise smurthwaite 07/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Best of luck Jenson. Giving your performance and fitness the Triathlon will feel like a walk in the park for you! Make a Super Seven for Silverstone 
Kevin Ayres 07/06/2009 £5.00 n/a Hey Jense, best of luck in the Triathlon and the rest of the championship, let's hope your success continues ;) 
Lynne Williams 07/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck in the Triathlon, doesn't look like you need it for the F1 championship! 
Jason Webb 07/06/2009 £100.00 £28.21 Good Luck!!! 
Natalie Sung 07/06/2009 £20.00 n/a Best wishes for the triathlon and the rest of your races this year. Especially Silverstone! Wish i was there! Student loans don't stretch that far :( 
Gem Illingworth 07/06/2009 £30.00 £8.46 Good luck Jens; and good luck at Silverstone and with the Championship. I'll be there for you in 2 weeks - you're about to win @ Turkey!!!!!!!! xxx 
Ceri James 07/06/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Good luck to you all.  
Roger Parkes 07/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck JB, for the tri and the season. Keep up this good work for these kids 
Jason Burton 06/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck with the Tri. Great Charity too. All the Best from Jason and Wendy 
Cass Palmer (for Alex and Dom) 06/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Will be at Silverstone cheering you on - it's my 50th on 21st June so win it for me. Great cause - try not to show Shov & Bono up (too much)!!! x x x 
Martin Jones 06/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck with the hardcore Tri and the Championship mate, I'll be with you all the way! Ps. you whipped my Sevenoaks Tri time! 
Guy Kilbey 06/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Nice one Jens, these kids are so deserving of our support - we don't know we're born. Keep up the great work mate, even when you sport the number 1! 
Noriko 06/06/2009 £5.00 n/a Good luck Jens, for the triathlon and the rest of the season. I really hope you will win the F1 championship! 
Haymarket Motoring Racing Magazines 05/06/2009 £50.00 n/a Haven't you got anything better to do at weekends??! Best of luck JB - it's for a great cause - from everyone at Autosport, F1 Racing and LAT. 
Ildiko Beckett 05/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck Jenson!  
Mike Hogan (BIG FAN!) 05/06/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Been arguing you're championship material for years, thanks for proving me right - I always had faith! GL at Turkey on Sunday, love you dude!! 
Hayley Williamson 05/06/2009 £3.00 £0.85 Good Luck Jenson, hope the rest of the season goes well always knew your were a champion. xxx 
Chris Mayhew 05/06/2009 £5.00 n/a Good luck Jenson, Always supported you. Keep up the good work on and off the track! 
Gareth & Joyce 04/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck & best wishes with your efforts both on and off the track.  
Graham & Paula 04/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Well done Jenson and good luck 
Lee Thomas 04/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Nice one JB, good luck 
Emma Buxton (Bearpark) 04/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jens, for this and the rest of the season x 
mark armiger 03/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 keep up the good work jens 
Anonymous 03/06/2009 £2.00 £0.56  
Ted Kravitz 02/06/2009 £257.50 £72.63 It's a fiver for every km JB, Shov and Bono complete. And a quid for every blister! 
Robert Gunning 01/06/2009 £20.00 £5.64 2 seasons in the mid-field, now you're at the front. If you win the Championship it will be well deserved. Your story is an inspiration to us all.  
Neil Smith 01/06/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck with the triathlon, and best wishes for the remainder of the F1 championship. I really hope you can win the championship as you deserve it. 
Kate Drew 31/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Wishing you the best of luck for Triathlon & can't wait to see you win at Silverstone in a few weeks time! :) You deserve all of this Jenson 
Dan Stevens 31/05/2009 £5.00 n/a PS good luck for the Triathlon and even more luck for winning the F1 championship !!! 
Dan Stevens 31/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Unfortunately I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy and about 6 years ago they granted me a wish and I had the best time I will do in my whole life. 
Katie Knight (Grid_Girl) 31/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Will be there cheering you on with most of JBHQ, good luck!!! 
LYNDA BEECH 31/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck with triathlon and F1 championship I always knew you were an amazing driver just needed the car! 
Hannah Crick 29/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good Luck Jenson for the Triathlon, and the rest of the season :) 
Anonymous 29/05/2009 £500.00 £141.03  
tim bogert 29/05/2009 £25.00 n/a best of luck, jenson! 
LDS 29/05/2009 £100.00 £28.21 This is your moment - enjoy it! 
Mark & Kirsty Nutton 29/05/2009 £15.00 £4.23 What a start to the season, it has been great :-) Keep it up, and good luck in the Triathlon. 
Ian Stafford 29/05/2009 £40.00 £11.28 Absolutely delighted for you this season and your success is very well deserved and long overdue. 
Ellen, Jonathan & Jessica Begbie 29/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson with the Triathlon, you'll do great! All the very best for the rest of the season, we've been avid fans all the way. Keep it up xxx 
Rachael King 29/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck with the triathlon and the rest of the season, I always said you could do it!! 
Pete Turton 28/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson!! Hope the F1 season continues with the same success I always thought you deserved it!! Be careful in the Triathalon!!! Pete 
David Reichle 28/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Fantastic drive in Monaco Jenson, well done! Good luck for the Triathlon and for the rest of the season. 
Brian Webster 28/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Good luck Jenson on your triathlon A fantastic start to the F1seaon and I bet you have made a few stand up and look in wonder. your 2009 world champ 
Nick Warren 28/05/2009 £50.00 n/a Good luck JB! 
Nigel. 28/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck JB, ask J&B Rare Scotch Whisky to sponsor you. Excellent work for children's charity, hope your F1 chaps can better Martin's £500.  
Laura Gibson 28/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Best of luck Jenson! Met you in at Montreal in '08 and you were really nice to chat to! Just make sure you take care of those feet! :-) 
Carolyn McPherson 28/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Massive fan of yours - you are gorgeous! Great charity to do this triathlon for. Good luck! 
TD 28/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Tri your best. 
Anonymous 28/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82  
Alex Haskett 27/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 been a big supporter of you over the yrs in the F1 so im behind you all the way on this worthy cause, good luck and have fun! 
Gary, Louise and Benjamin Hutcherson 27/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Go Jenson, Go!!!!  
Paul Hambling 27/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Excellent start to the season JB. Its so good to see you getting what you deserve after years of toil. All the best for the triathalon. 
Alastair 27/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Good Luck JB 
Paul Abthorpe 27/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Ah, so that's what you were up to in Monaco - a sneaky bit of training running to the podium! 
Helen Edmunds 27/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Great cause. Fantastic to watch your F1 season with Brawn go so well. Enjoy it.  
Mark Abthorpe 27/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 I, too, shall enter the race so that I can see the world from the viewpoint of the other 19 F1 drivers, ie watching you disappearing into the lead! 
Jean Green 27/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Well done Jenson. Being a Somerset 'Button ' we have admired you from the beginning. You deserve your success. ps Your Dad John is great also. 
Zak Allom 27/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Great cause??.best of luck??..and as MB said, look after your right foot (and all other appendages and limbs)????. 
Daria trover 27/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Congratulations on Monaco GP! Go for it! 
DIANE JOYCE 26/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Rhys Joyce met you through make a wish good luck foa season rhys gonna be at silverstone this year keepupthe good work xxxx 
Simon & Charlene Cable 26/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Impressed with inpromptu triathlon practice on Sunday ;-) Good luck for the event proper.. AND of course, the rest of the season!! 
Julia Zuk 26/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good Luck 
Ruth 26/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Good luck Jenson, after the run on Sunday at Monaco, you'll have no problems!! 
Richard Hyde 26/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Best of luck Jenson and with the F1! Any chance you can sponsor me for London to Brighton? Cheers Rich 
Roy. F 26/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Good luck Jenson, from the fletch mob 
Louise Alder 26/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 I am in awe - seasons top formula 1 driver and still time for serious triatholon activity. an inspiration. go for it! 
Fazergra 26/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck Jenson , I hope to see you at Goodwood this year , fantastic cause Awesome driver in a fantastic team  
David Morfee 26/05/2009 £2.00 £0.56 Get KERS on that bike, and get them on the straights...  
Peter Goodchild 26/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Don't ride into any paracarros Jenson! Keeping fingers crossed for you all year. 
Nicki Rapley 26/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Brilliant start to the season - knew you had it in you all along. Good luck for the triathlon and for the rest of the season 
Andrew Robertson 26/05/2009 £100.00 n/a Well done Jenson no doubt you will be leading from the front as is the norm for this year. lets dig deep and put smiles on some kiddies faces. Go on. 
Alex & Emmy 26/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Run, Forest, run 
James Stenning 26/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 I'm sure you wouldn't mind me advertising my page as well :- You're an inspiration to us all. 
Jonathan Temple 26/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Congratulations on your amazing start to this season. Thoroughly deserved. Best of luck with the triathlon and the rest of the season m8. 
Steven Sinclair 25/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Nice one Jenson, great cause - good luck with the championship aswell :@)  
johnnie 25/05/2009 £3.00 £0.85 "More Champa's jB, WhoopwhooP. U bet YA!" try to remember the car next time 'a' 
Gill Ross 25/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Make sure you put pics on your web page so all the girlies can see you looking hot in your shorts ;-) Good luck g x 
Dom 25/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Fingers crossed i can beat you on the day.. 
Wilson 25/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Monaco Baby! Good to see you're thinking about training for this after parking your car ;) - Good Luck for this and the Season! 
Ed Gorman 25/05/2009 £100.00 £28.21 Great cause, Jenson 
Terence 25/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 get your dad to wear a pink shirt on the day, good luck 
Robert Beveridge & family 25/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 As Murruy Walker would say "FANTASTIC" 
Campbell & Karen Wilson 25/05/2009 £50.00 n/a Make A Wish is a great cause, we wish you well in the race and make heaps of cash for the kids !! Boz and Kaz in Australia xx  
Rob Horan 25/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Top bloke. Nice work. Stick it up em. 
Sarah Long 25/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Jenson simply awesome at Monaco baby! All the best for the rest of the season and this triathlon! 
David Matthews 24/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Jenson fantastic win today.JB World champion 09 good luck for the rest of the season and for the Triathlon.Top guy 
Mandy & Ian Fisher 24/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Congrats on today's win. Here's to many more. Good Luck for the Triathlon. Great cause.  
Sarah Warwick 24/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 What a great year, keep it up. counting down to British GP!! 
Peter Nash 24/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Monaco, YEAH baby, congratulations on win 5 out of 6 ....Awesome, keep it up and best of luck with this worthy cause. 
Jo O'Dell 24/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Wishing you all the best for the London Triathlon, Jenson. Congratulations on leading the F1 World Championship. I know you can go all the way! 
cathy 23/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 All the best Jenson have loved you from the very beginning! 
Lucien Bigois 23/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Come on mate, make those kids smile! Hope to see you smile as well tomorrow on the podium. 
Igor from Canada 23/05/2009 £10.00 n/a All the best Jenson! Go for the championship! Great cause! 
David S 22/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 All the best, great cause, make sure Flav coughs up some euro's and double his contribution when you're WDC!! 
Phil Pond 22/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson. Thought of challenging Lewis again this year? He can hardly claim that he has to concentrate on the championship this year ;o) 
Nick 22/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson , you're an inspiration no matter what you do  
Andrianna Pastou 22/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Goodluck x 
Dawn Halpin 22/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 Good Luck 
Arlene & Jas 22/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson! We know you can do it. x 
Dan Holyoake 22/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Go Jenson. If only British kids had more good role models like yourself. Good luck too at Monaco this weekend. 
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