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Page creator: Jules Kulpinski
Event: The Mazda London Triathlon 2009
Event Date: 1st Aug 2009
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About my charity : Make-A-Wish Foundation UK Make-A-Wish Foundation UK
Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK aims to grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses. A wish granted is truly magical and provides memories that last a lifetime.
Charity Registration No (England & Wales) 295672 (Scotland) SC037479
Donations so far:  £ 17,547.66
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My personal message:

Hi everyone
Wow what a start to the season!
As you probably know I've been taking part in triathlons over the past couple of years as a way of keeping fit for my racing. As we are so busy this year, I won't be able to do as many triathlons as I would like but thought that I would give the London Triathlon a go. It's the biggest triathlon in the world so I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a charity that is very close to my heart.
I'm a Patron of the Make A Wish Foundation and have had the pleasure of meeting lots of kids who are supported by the charity at our tests and races. Make A Wish grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses and it is a real privilege to be involved with them. The kids are so inspirational and hopefully we can raise enough money to fulfil as many of their dreams as possible.
The London Triathlon takes place on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August with almost 11,000 competitors! The race covers a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run. I'm aiming to finish in the top 10% so no pressure!
Somehow I have even persuaded my two race engineers Shov and Bono to take part! They will be competing in the half distance event.
So please dig into your pockets and sponsor me. Your money will be going to a very worthy cause and helping to make dreams come true for some very poorly children.
Thanks very much for any support that you can give...
ps - Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. If you?re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, is added to your donation.

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Henry's House 21/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Go Jenson! xx 
Lars Christoffersen 21/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Good luck with everything 
Keith Paulin 21/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 It's a great cause Jenson, well done. Good luck for the rest of the season. WDC, you deserve it. 
Nozomi Muramatsu 21/05/2009 £5.00 n/a Good luck Jens!! 
P Daly 20/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck! 
Nicole Bearne 20/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson. It's a great cause. X 
Lord March 20/05/2009 £250.00 n/a Jenson, Good Luck with everything. Yours, Charles. 
Gravy 20/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Britain needs her heroes and you're one of them! 
Craig Miles 20/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Go JB ! You are doing an Awesome job. Best Wishes Jenson N Jules x from down under. 
Amanda Fuller 19/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Good luck Jenson, hope you manage top 5% and the world champion in your other hobby (-; 
Sean Fitzpatrick 19/05/2009 £25.00 n/a Good luck Jenson n Jules x 
zoo magazine 19/05/2009 £100.00 n/a hope all goes well, top 10% or not!  
Gayle Goodchild 19/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Good Luck Jens! 
String Bean 18/05/2009 £100.00 n/a You are the ultimate role model. Bravo! Now go kick some derriere-Team America style! hahaha 
Mark Perry 18/05/2009 £15.00 £4.23 Good luck, hope you raise alot for a good cause. 
Holly Samos 18/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 If you cycle past Clapham i'll get in some energy drink things for you! All the best x 
Alain Betancourt 18/05/2009 £30.00 n/a Good luck Jenson and thanks for that great job on make-a-wish! 
bob 18/05/2009 £200.00 n/a keep going jenson. fantastic. all the best to the kids. 
David Luxton 17/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Good luck Jenson 
Anna Weeks 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Have loved supporting u in F1. U fully deserve all this season's success.Good luck for the rest of the season and the triathlon.Great cause-well done! 
Pete Bacon 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck for the rest of the year, and well done for doing this for a great cause mate. 
ElliotXtreme 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 All the best Jenson! 
Merrick 17/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Best of luck Jens only sorry I can't give more, can't wait to see you at Silverstone xx. 
Graham & Colleen 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Thanks, Jenson, for the opportunity to help and good luck. 
Sarah Peters 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck. Brilliant charity to choose 
Michala Burrluck 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson for the Triathalon and the rest of the season x x x 
Maz 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson. you deserve all the success you are getting. Go Jenson! 
Marty Carter 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson, as busy as you are you find time to help other, thank you. You're an inspiration to us all. 
Debra 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Go JB! Delighted that you at last have a decent car to drive and can fulfill your potential. Never doubted you, Great charity, Look after you! 
Steph 17/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jense! and good luck for the rest of the season. You deserve some success at last! 
Paul Gray 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82  
Ali Curtis 17/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 You are my hero Jense and a credit to our country!! I need new running shoes but funds mean i'm sacrificing my toenails to be there at Silverstone!! 
Jackie Deans 17/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Thanks for thinking of others and good luck in the championship. 
Tim & Oliver Sadler 16/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck - My two year old Oliver thinks you are evan better than Roary the Racing Car 
Steve & Denise from Welwyn Garden City 16/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Like Martin B said, "be carefull with de right foot". Good luck Jenson 
Jonathan Giles's parents 16/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Great cause, good luck with this & the rest of the championship. 
Patrick Allen 16/05/2009 £10.00 n/a It's not much (student) but good luck!! 
Richard Staite 16/05/2009 £15.00 £4.23 Good Luck the Title, Fingers Crossed for you! Well Done on this!! 
Robertas C 16/05/2009 £15.00 £4.23 Well done Jens. Wishing you and those Kidies dreams come true. Lithunia loves you and hope to see you on podium top every time !!! 
Sarah & Martyn Rigby 16/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Wishing you all the best Jenson, it is for a fantastic cause!! It's great seeing you on the top step of the podium, where you belong. Good luck!! 
Stephen Crisp 16/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Good Luck Jens.You're a true Brit with true grit. Been a fan for years.Always these days would come your way. A great guy doing great work.Bravo 
Fiona, Mark, Katie and Jamie Boyce 16/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Wishing you tonnes of Luck for this and the rest of the season x 
Mike Waterjohns 16/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Its a great charity and you're a great guy. Wish I could do it too but I've broken my arm!. All the best, Mike 
Craig Whipps 16/05/2009 £10.00 n/a California loves you Jenson. If you see Webber behind you... let him pass! 
johnnie 15/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 "More Champa's jB, WhoopwhooP. U bet YA!" 
Gail Collett 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 nutter springs to mind, but such a worthy cause, good luck x 
Rebecca Lacey 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a I have always been a huge fan of yours. I am enjoying the 2009 season so far, and looking forward to the rest of the season. Good luck Jense. xxx 
Suzanna Lacey 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Good luck Jenson. Hope both the triathlon and the rest of the F1 season goes well. 
Sarah 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Always been a huge fan, hope you win not just the triathlon but the world championship too. Good luck! 
Chris and Chlo 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck JB! See you at Silverstone (Couldn't quite match Martin Brundle's £500 but every penny counts!) 
Simon +Karen 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck Jenson lets hope you win this race too 
MT 15/05/2009 £5.00 n/a g'luck, Jables! and such a worthy cause 
Tony Stark 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 If it's a real challenge you want, let's see if you can have the WDC wrapped up by then !! Only joking ;o) Very best of luck for the triathlon. 
DM 15/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Good Luck....  
Emma Squire 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Best of luck for 1 August, and for the rest of the F1 season! 
Ben James 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Jenson you absolutely rock! After 10 years of solid loyalty, seeing you at the top is a great reward! Your work with MAW moves me to tears! JB WDC 09 
Jacky Jabourian 15/05/2009 £25.00 n/a Good luck JB! All your fans in Los Angeles are pulling for you! Thanks for a fantastic season so far! 
Bender 15/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Do Ichiban proud JB!! 
Sidhu & Simon 15/05/2009 £100.00 n/a Put it on pole position! Do it! Nav & Cecile 
Rich Barton 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck for the rest of the season as well mate! 
Ashley Kaye 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck with Triathalon, and of course suporting you all the way in F1 !!!!!!! 
Keith Foot 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 JB, you deserve to be world champ. Every best wish for the rest of the season. You did laugh when you lapped Lewis, didn't you I know I did. Respect. 
Phil Bishop 15/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 At least in this race it is you and not your equipment that will make the difference to how fast you are... 
Rachel Perry 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good Luck. I am sure you will do the F1 community proud 
Louise Evans 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck  
Daniel Lyus 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Will you be wearing your special Virgin underpants? Good luck fella, and bring home the trophy! 
Sidepodcast 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck JB. 
Luke McCarthy-Reed 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a It's not much but it'd for an amazing cause for an amazing guy! Good luck Jenson! 
Peter Windsor 15/05/2009 £50.00 £14.10 Happy Holiday! 
Jon Considine 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson. A really deserving cause. Hope your Boss will match Martin Brundle's generous donation... :) 
The Mellor Family 15/05/2009 £25.00 £7.05 Good luck from Brackley and keep up the good work!! 
Adam Milleneuve 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jenson! Your progress will be reported on !! Don't break anything, except a record maybe! 
Val Brown 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a It's great that you're doing this for these youngsters, good luck, especially for the WDC! 
Nick J Stilwell 15/05/2009 £55.00 £15.51 I have been following you since your Dad was racing my mate John Bevan in Autocross. Absolutely delighted to see things coming right for you. Go4it! 
Dénes Nagy 15/05/2009 £5.00 n/a I know its not much, but i would like to contribute also. Good luck from Hungary. 
Karen Moss 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Well done you - good luck! 
Kevin Baker 15/05/2009 £30.00 £8.46 "Respect" for you this year best wishes from another West Country man 
Lucy Wood 15/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 I am a student in a lot of debt, so sorry its not much! Good luck, you can do it!! xxxx 
Dickie Armour 15/05/2009 £100.00 £28.21 Good Luck Jenson! Top 10% no probs!  
Martin Brundle 15/05/2009 £500.00 n/a Good luck. Be careful, especially with your right foot! 
Gridmodels 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck! 
Beryl & Norman Young 15/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Best of luck with the triathlon and championship 
Vicki Lindley 15/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Hope this helps to make some1's dream come true.Its an amazing cause.Good luck!  
Laura Watkins 15/05/2009 £20.00 n/a You're a class act, Jenson. Best of luck for the triathlon, and for the championship! 
Jessica Caffi 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Jenson, good luck for both the triathlon and the championship. 
Richard & Shane 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Press to activate. On yer JB. Via from the shakey isles 
Jack Beauchamp-Stansfield 15/05/2009 £10.00 n/a Student donation- sorry is only small! Good luck for the season! 
Eddie Grice 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Jenson, It's great to see you doing so well in F1 and raising funds for needy children. See what you can do on  
Paul Newport 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Great that you are doing this for those less fortunate than us, and the best of luck at Brawn, you so deserve it ! 
Steve Cottrell 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 How about putting on the rear wing of your car? Good luck for the rest of the season and good luck in the triathlon. 
Ali 14/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck Jens! hope you raise shed loads of cash for a fantastic cause... if you want to return the favour and sponsor me for the race for life... 
Darkstar 14/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Keep up the success at Monaco, too! 
Louise Tolman 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 I assume you have a smooth swimming, biking and running style... glad to see you driving the wheels off that fabulous car too!  
Paul Douglas 14/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 I too am a poor student, but I really support Make A Wish's work. And I really support YOU Jenson, have for years! Good luck in the triathlon and WDC! 
Ian Thomas 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Go Jense! Your doing a good thing by championing the needs of others.Well done that man! PS make a wish for yourself ..World Champion! 
Andrew McKendry 14/05/2009 £5.00 £1.41 I know it's not much, but I'm a poor student who admires what you're doing. I know you'll never read this, but best of luck for the triathlon and WDC! 
Lucy Smith 14/05/2009 £10.00 £2.82 Good luck. I am sure you will do well! Thanks for making this F1 season the best ever! So great to see u winning at last and u def deserve it!! xx 
Bill Scott 14/05/2009 £25.00 n/a Good luck. Thanks for making 2009 such a great season 
John Shockley 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Good luck, chap. Arrived here via the plug on - best of luck witht he rest of the racing season too! 
Nick Bowen 14/05/2009 £20.00 £5.64 Just think you're in the Brawn. Nothing will stop you then. Happy to give to a great guy raising for a great cause. Go Jenson go! 
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