Animal shelters and charities
Hundreds of animal charities work to protect endangered species from extinction and domestic animals from cruelty. You can also find animal welfare charities registered here that support animal helpers for disabled people.

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It is estimated that up to 100 species of plants and animals are lost every day. Help protect endangered species across the globe, study the behaviour of wild animals and help protect fragile habitats.
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Choose from the leading charities involved in fighting cruelty to dogs, cats and other pets and those that help care for domestic animals.
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The following charities work for the welfare of the marine environment protecting species, educating people and conserving the sea world.
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These charities help protect birds and their fragile habitats, both in Britain and abroad.
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Helping animals
Did you know dogs can use washing machines and hear for deaf people? For many disabled people, animals are quite simply a lifeline. Find out more here.
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