Children's charities
Children's charities are Justgiving's largest cause. From the leading household names to more specialist agencies, there really is a children's charity project for everyone.

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Help the charities that deliver food, education and healthcare to the children of poor countries.
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Support the mobility and education programmes that give disabled children a better start in life.
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These charities focus their efforts on diseases and conditions that affect children and young people. They work to raise awareness, educate and inform, support children and their families and carry out research into treatments and cures.
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Social exclusion / care
Support children and young people on the fringes of society, those with no homes, no families or those who have got off to a bad start. You can help make a difference to their future.
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Help protect children who have had the worst start in life those that have suffered neglect, loss or abuse. These children need support to overcome their fear and distrust of the world around them.
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Help educate children in poor countries and those that need special help in the UK.
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Special holidays
Everyone needs a holiday so help a child who would not otherwise be able to go away have the holiday of a lifetime.
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These charities help disabled youngsters enjoy sports and support young sportsmen and women with the costs of competing.
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