Social welfare organisations
Social welfare charities work with some of the most needy people in society, the bereaved, lonely or depressed, or those who are dependent on alcohol or drugs.

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Losing a loved one can be devastating, but these charities offer care and support to the bereaved when life becomes too much.
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Armed forces
Many former service men and women find it hard to cope after leaving the forces. These charities offer support after retirement, and to those who have left the forces through ill health or injury.
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Benevolence funds
These funds are attached to individual professions and offer financial help to people in need.
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Helplines and support
A kind voice on the phone can be a lifeline to those who are suicidal, lonely or frightened. Most of these helplines are entirely funded by donation and many work round the clock.
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Social exclusion
These charities work to reduce the effects of being excluded from society - be it through disability, poverty, lack of education, unemployment or homelessness. They help people become full members of society again and give meaning to their lives.
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Alcohol and drug dependency
Kicking a habit can be tough. But these people are there to help addicts who really can't cope on their own - providing vital support to help them break their habit, improve their quality of life and help them find jobs and security.
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