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Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone

Project supports the education of girls in Sierra Leone by providing scholarships, school & teaching supplies. This provides a proven path to empowerment of their families and the nation as a whole.

What is the problem the project is addressing?

"Because girls are participating in much fewer numbers and for shorter periods, particular attention to girls is essential, not only for the development of the country, but to fulfill the right of every child to education." "We need to ensure that as many girls as boys attend school , if we are to achieve universal primary education" - UNICEF. Beneficiaries will include the all-girls FAWE school in Freetown, Sierra Leone and other selected schools.

How will this project solve the problem?

Project will provide much needed scholarships, teaching and school supplies to ensure that girls complete their education and receive a high quality education. Mentoring support will be provided to ensure growth and success.

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

Unicef believes it's simply the case that when you have healthy, well educated and emancipated women, these women in turn rear healthy, well educated and emancipated children." "To educate girls is to reduce poverty," says Kofi Annan.

May 14 2012

Women are The Backbone of This Nation and Without Them This Nation Cannot Go Forward

Sylvester Renenr

Warm greetings|

It is with excitement that I share with you a video that gives some insight into the life of one of the girls we are together helping to educate.  In the video, Melena answers questions from an interviewer who is off camera.  The video provides a glimpse into the life of a girl in Sierra Leone and closes with a message on empowerment – that is dear to all of our hearts - as supporters of this project. 

Melena tells us that the most important thing for her is her education.  She likes reading novels.  She would like to be a lawyer.  Her favorite game is basketball.  She likes going to school because she can only be what she wants to be in the future - when she goes to school and is educated.  She wants an iPod, a laptop and a cell phone for Christmas. The number one thing she would like to see changed in this world is child trafficking.  She believes that women should be given the opportunity to take part in decision-making as they are the backbone of this nation and without them this nation cannot go forward.

Watch Video

It’s great to know that the children we are together educating are forward thinking and are already passionate about helping to make a difference and change their world.  At this tender age – she is already vocal and we are excited to see how she will help promote the safety of children and empowerment of women in the future.  What’s even more good news – is knowing that we are helping to make this happen and shape the future!

The school year is drawing to a close and we are looking forward to sharing some of the end-of-year progress reports of the children with you in the coming months.  So far the sponsored girls have been doing great.  We are hoping to increase the number of children sponsored in the coming academic year and welcome your support to make this happen.

Have you by any chance seen the movie Slum Dog millionaire?  Well, just this week, popular movie star, Freida Selena Pinto star actress in the movie, ‘Slumdog Millionaire made a visit to Sierra Leone.  As a guest of Plan International, she helped promote the value of education and how this can make the voices of women heard in society.

Upcoming Father's Day Gift Suggestion: In closing, we wanted to let you know of the on-going opportunity to make a donation in honor of the special person in your life.  A donation to this project is a fantastic (and easy) gift for Dad on Father’s Day!  You can make a donation as a gift to your Dad on this project by selecting the third giving option, “gift or in honor of,” under the orange donate button on the project page. GlobalGiving will then send your Dad or the gift recipient an email, print-at-home, or physical card. GlobalGiving offers several fun card designs and you will have the option of choosing a design customized for this project, using the project’s main photo (this option is available for email and print-at-home cards).

Fathers - you can also request this as your Father's day gift!

Make your donation in Father's honor and support a great cause today!

Thanks again for all you do to further the education of girls!

Best wishes





Feb 09 2012

The scholarship has given me the keys to succeed and education is the key to success

Sylvester Renner

Warm Greetings-

Have you ever desired to get to know more about the children that we are supporting in Africa?  Well, you are certainly not alone.  As a Project Leader, I love to see the photos of the children and in particular to listen to videos of the children.  This helps me to better understand their needs, desires, and aspirations and to stay connected. 

The chances are very high that you - the reader of this report - finished a basic level of education.  You probably hold and Associates, Bachelor's, Masters or even a PhD degree or equivalent.  Your education has helped to open up doors of opportunity.  It possibly contributed in one way or the other to helping you securing your current job or level of income.  Education can be very valuable as Kadiatu tells us in this video. 

Kadiatu has received a scholarship from funds raised here on GlobalGiving.  She is interviewed in this video by the Director of Door of Hope (off camera) who asks her a number of questions.  Kadiatu tells us that her favorite color is green.  She tells us the name of the school she attends and that she dreams of becoming a banker.  

Towards the end of the video interview she says "thank you" on behalf of her parents and herself.  I join her in saying:  "Thanks donors!  Thanks for helping make this happen."

Then she is asked:

>> So what has the scholarship done for you?

She boldly replies

>> ...  the scholarship has given me the keys to succeed and education is the key to success.

Education is highly valued in Sierra Leone - and Kadiatu, at her age, understand its potential to help shape her life and open up doors of opportunities.

Hearing this made my day - as together we have provided Kadiatu and others with a vital key to success.  A key to open doors. 

I hope this report "makes your day" and warms your hear, as it did mine.  It encouraged me to do even more - because we are together making this world a better place.  Strengthening lives and providing a better future.  What could be better than this?

Go ahead - watch the video again.  You helped make this happen.  Thank you and thank you and thank you!

With every good wish...



Nov 07 2011

Its undisputed - Girls and women are making a phenomenal impact!

Sylvester Renner

Warm greetings. 

We are more than halfway through the term / semester and we are happy to report that all the girls are making steady progress in school.  We consistently keep an eye on their progress and this is a requirement for provision of a scholarship / support.  The most recent distribution took place in September and the parents were so appreciative to receive the support.

The photos show some of the girls that are being sponsored by this and other projects.  In one of the photos, the girls are holding "thank you GlobalGiving" signs.  In the other photo, the 3 girls are wearing t-shirts donated by Plastic Jungle, a company that got in touch with us through GlobalGiving. 

Study after study confirms the essential role of a girl and woman in her family, community and nation.  Everywhere, in the news, we hear more and more about their influence.  Significant progress has been made over the past years and momentum is building in the consciousness of people worldwide that girls and women need to be given their right place and opportunity.  We are so very excited for the opportunity to help transform lives.  You are helping to make this happen and we continue to be grateful for your support.

Education, as you know is a game-changer and an enabler.  In each of our personal lives we can attest to the doors that education opened and the opportunities it provided access to.  Well, we are helping to provide access to opportunities for these future leaders.  We have a truly influential role - simple but effective.

One of our other projects here on GlobalGiving that similarly focuses on girls is taking part in a special challenge.  The project focuses on providing enhanced educational opportunities to girls through a computer lab at an all-girls school.  We would be so grateful if you could help us win this challenge by making a donation here.

Super-size your donation: Tomorrow Tuesday, November 8th is Bonus Day. Starting at 12:01AM EST November 8, GlobalGiving will be matching all donations (up to $1,000 per donor, per project) at 30%. $5,000 is available in matching funds. Matching will last until funds run out (or until 11:59PM EST).

Thanks for your on-going support and best wishes




Jul 11 2011

Reversing The Trend and Giving Girls The Best Chance Possible

Sylvester Renner

It was a rare delight to meet Nchumalen.  Nchumalen is one of the girls that are receiving scholarships, books and school supplies through this project. I had seen photos of her but this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet her. Phillip Sholes and I had the opportunity to travel to Freetown, Sierra Leone in May this year and meet a number of the children - beneficiaries of this project.  It was a true delight to see their smiling, happy faces.

It was my pleasure to convey greetings directly to Nchumalen and her mother from a GlobalGiving donor (initial of first name is D.).  I brought back a photo I took with Nchulamen - which is included in this report. I was also able to bring back a personal greeting of thanks and appreciation. 

While in Sierra Leone, I was vividly reminded of the importance of this project "educating girls".   This is crucial as we work towards reversing the trend and giving girls the best chance possible.  The support we are providing to Nchumalen and the other girls represent a definite step in the right direction ad I brought back their appreciation to all donors who are helping make their education a reality.  Thanks for your tremendous support!

Recently, I ran into a news article that affirms our commitment to supporting education in Africa:

"Look at how Asia’s extraordinary growth in recent decades was fueled by a determination to invest in “human capital".  It is widely understood that Africa’s children will not own the 21st century until their leaders put more emphasis on educating them. Poor, barely literate 18 year olds in a rural area cannot compete for jobs. Neither can they take advantage of the investments being made on the continent.

It seems the critical investment of this century will be how Africa’s children are equipped to prepare for the challenges and chances ahead. There is no time to waste."

Our focus is in place.  We are definitely on the right track - investing into the future of Africa's children. Our continual investment is truly raising the future female leaders of Sierra Leone.  Thank again much for your on-going support!



Mar 29 2011

Fruits From Your Support - See a Scholarship Beneficiary Report Card and Videos

Sylvester Renner

Dear friends

Just a few days ago, on March 8th, the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.  Most of us were not around 100 years ago - and those of us who were - do not remember very much of those days.  One thing is sure - we have come a very long way in terms of women's rights and fulfillment in 100 years.

We have come a long way not just in 100 years, but also in the last 20 years – which a good number of us can remember.  And to bring it closer home - not just in 20 years, but in the last couple years - since this project was added to GlobalGiving - and since you joined us in supporting girls in Africa.

In order to ensure that your funds invested into the education of these girls are not wasted, we follow up regularly with their academic and overall progress.  They are required to maintain good grades and maintain academic progress - in order to receive on-going support. They provide their academic report cards to us on a regular basis.  This has helped motivate them to work hard at school - to ensure they can maintain the scholarship.  The benefit to this is that good grades and progress in school directly helps their individual growth and development.

Linked below is a copy of Thomasia's academic report card.   Thanks to your support, as you can see, Thomasia is doing well in school and maintaining good grades - and you can see proof of it here. 

Here is a thank you video message from Thomasia - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e75IGMYbJj8 (recorded last year) and a recent thank you message from one pf thr parents - on behalf of other parents - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5N-uqPy1AM.  Your support is definitely making life less difficult for a good number of people!

We would like to encourage you to consider supporting this project monthly.  By doing this, together with your support, we can make education attainable for a whole lot more.  Thanks for your on-going support!


Dec 16 2010

Thank You For Making Us Realize our Dreams

Sylvester Renner


We are delighted to share with you a brief, heart-warming Youtube video of one of the scholarship beneficiaries called Janet.  To access the video, please click on the video link -"Girl Scholarship Beneficiary Says Thanks to GlobalGiving Donors" below.  

Getting the scholarship has been a dream come true for Janet.  This scholarship, she says in the video, is making her and other beneficiaries realize their educational dreams. On behalf of the other beneficiaries she voices their commitment to study hard "because we want to be somebody in the future". In Janet's photo you can see her holding a GlobalGiving sticker.

How simple is that!  Your donations are helping other realize their educational dreams - which will be a stepping stone to the realization of even greater dreams.  At this season of giving, it’s heart-warming to realize that we are making dreams come true for others. Thank you so much for helping to make these scholarships available. We deeply appreciate your involvement.

The number of applications for scholarships has increased and we would like to extend assistance to many more.  Could you help us do this by making a generous year-end donation today?  This would help us do so much more.  We welcome your on-going support to empower many more lives

Be sure to watch the video to see how we are impacting lives together.  Go now...  Then make a donation and help us do even more!

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!


Sep 20 2010

Furthering Gender Empowerment & The United Nations MDGs Through The Provision of Girl Scholarships

Sylvester Renner

Thanks for taking the time to read this project update and donating towards gender equality and empowerment of women. Develop Africa and The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) acknowledge that promoting equal access to education is the foundation for all other development goals. "Until equal numbers of girls and boys are in school, it will be impossible to build the knowledge necessary to eradicate poverty and hunger, combat disease and ensure environmental sustainability." This project is focused on supporting / ensuring gender equality by ensuring that girls receive support towards educational expenses through their schooling.

September 9th, 2010 was a joyous day in the lives of our scholarship recipients as it was Scholarship Award Ceremony Day. The simple award ceremony took place at the rented basement CIA hall in Freetown.

The children and there parents were overjoyed to receive the scholarships. The funds are that we are providing together are helping to ensure that these children continue in school. Even in these days we continue to receive reports of children dropping out of school because their parents are unable to maintain them in school. The additional benefit of what we are doing together is that we are bringing educational stability into the lives of these children.

The children were admonished to continue to work hard and excel in school. In the vote of thanks, Adelaide Thomas, one of the beneficiaries, expressed her appreciation to GlobalGiving and Develop Africa donors for providing this scholarship that is "motivating her to excel in school". Adelaide is a star pupil and doing exceptionally well.

Thank you donors and friends for helping to bring educational stability to the lives of these children. We welcome your on-going support as we plan our next shipment of books and school supplies.

Cordially and best wishes

Jun 10 2010

Women - True Agents of Change, Scholarships Distributed and Visit from GlobalGiving

Sylvester Renner

Dear friends,

Excerpts From a Recent Speech: We would like to share with you excerpts of a recent, relevant speech on "Women as Agents of Change: Advancing the Role of Women in Politics and Civil Society" by Esther Brimmer, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organization Affairs - USA. (The link to full speech is provided below).

"In March at the UN Commission on the Status of Woman Secretary Clinton said, “The status of the world’s women is not only a matter of morality and justice. It is also a political, economic, and social imperative. Put simply, the world cannot make lasting progress if women and girls in the 21st century are denied their rights and left behind.”

We believe that investing in the education of women and girls is not only the “right thing to do; but it is the smart thing to do.” That is why we are committed to working with the United Nations and the international community in the lead up to 2015 to promote gender equality and the global empowerment of women and the education-related Millennium Development Goals."

What We are Accomplishing Together: * Here are the specific things mentioned in this speech that we are accomplishing together:

1. We are helping girls to stay in school

2. We are helping ensure their literacy. This is a critical first step for acquiring the skills needed to participate fully in one’s society. Of the 759 million adults who lack basic literacy skills around the world, two-thirds are women.

Together, we are a powerful force for change, helping to shape their lives! These girls are the future leaders of Sierra Leone. By investing into their lives, we are helping to advance the role of women in politics and civil society.

GlobalGiving Visit: On another note, on May 5th, scholarship beneficiaries had the unique opportunity to meet Britt Lake, the Program Operations Manager of GlobalGiving. Britt spent a day visiting Develop Africa's projects in Sierra Leone. A picture of Britt with a few of the beneficiaries is provided below.

Janet and the Sierra Leonean team were honored to host Britt. The visit involved a review and general monitoring of the different projects that Develop Africa has on GlobalGiving. We are happy to report that Britt was happy to see the progress being made and the work that we are doing with your support.

Thanks / Feedback / Upcoming Matching Opportunity: We continue grateful to you for your support which means more to these girls than you would ever imagine. We would appreciate hearing from you and receiving additional support from you in the next month as we plan towards the new academic year. And don't forget that June 16 is GlobalGiving's Matching Day, where they are matching all donations at 50% up to $1000 per donor per project. Thanks for your support.

cordially and best wishes


Mar 09 2010

Celebrating Great Women in The Making - International Womens Day - March 8

Sylvester Renner

International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on March 8 every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. A quote online says: "There is no Mother's Day without them. There is no Father's Day without them. There is no Children's Day without them. There will be no life without them. Yes, today is the day to celebrate Women!" As we celebrate the achievements of women worldwide, we are reminded that there are many more budding women – young girls who are earnestly seeking the opportunity to rise up and take their place on the world stage and in history. They are great women "in the making". Your donations are helping enhance the education of these young girls. You are helping them complete their education. Your financial influence is shaping the lives of these girls – who may possibly invent something radically life-changing, become the President of a nation, find the cure for cancer – who knows? I also wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some additional photos that I just received in the past week from the FAWE school - an all-girls school in Freetown Sierra Leone. Students from this school are directly benefiting from the funds that you have donated and continue to donate through GlobalGiving. As you think over the influence of women in your life - on this International Women’s Day, join us in investing into the future of these young girls. Please invite your friends and family to donate towards this project in your honor or in honor of a special woman, mother in your life. Once again – thanks for your on-going support. It means more to us and the beneficiaries than you will ever realize. We welcome your feedback and comments. Best wishes as you celebrate the special women in your life. Sylvester

Feb 08 2010

The single highest returning social investment in the world today

Sylvester Renner

Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations has called the education of girls, "the single highest returning social investment in the world today."

Clearly we are together on the right track – investing into the future of these girls and Africa. Your investment in the girls benefiting from this project is already bringing returns in terms of their education, development and preparation for leadership and responsibility.

Thanks to your on-going support, Out of the 15 scholarships provided to children in Sierra Leone, the majority - 8 of them were girls. Your support helped make this happen!

The children were also provided with basic writing instruments, pending the arrival of our next shipment of school supplies, books which left the US in January 2010. Thanks for helping us provide these scholarships, books and school supplies

The scholarships were provided at a scholarship award ceremony that was graced by the parents, friends, teachers and staff of the school and the recipients of the scholarship award. The students and parents were delighted to receive the financial assistance that is making education a possibility for them. Together we are influential and effecting real change, one girl child at a time.

Marie Mansaray, one of the beneficiaries, gave a vote of thanks and asked local Develop Africa representatives to convey their heart-felt gratitude to GlobalGiving and other donors. Thank you Globalgiving partners, friends and family for helping further their education. We are together truly making a mark that cannot be erased.

Additional information and a link to photos taken at the award ceremony are available here - http://bit.ly/phs2009 .