How JustGiving works

It’s free to fundraise for, or donate to, a charity through JustGiving. We charge charities £15 per month, plus a 5% fee on each donation (including Gift Aid) made through our site. We then reinvest these fees to make JustGiving better. So far we’ve invested over £14m in technology.

Free to donate or fundraise, Only £15pm for charities, Re-invest fees £14m so far

Get the best fundraising tools, for £15 a month

Investing in technology, to enable donations on Facebook, via text or in memory of someone, can be too expensive and risky for many charities. For £15 a month you get access to all these tools – completely risk free.

We’re dedicated to making it easier for you to fundraise. And we don’t think you’ll find better value for your money.

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Fundraising tools, for only £15 a month

Give your supporters the best

Beyond simple fundraising pages, your supporters can raise money in a team, with their company, using a text donation code and fundraise in memory of a loved one. And we’re here to help seven days a week by phone, email and social networks.

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You can rely on us

  • Your donors and fundraisers have phone and email support from our experts seven days a week.
  • We reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf in only 25 days – much quicker than the four to six weeks it can take you to reclaim it yourself.
  • Our site is ultra-robust even at the busiest times. We’re proud that our site is up 99.9% of the time.
  • We’ve got over a decade’s experience and we’re here to stay. Our sole purpose is to expand the world of giving.

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