Low on fundraising ideas? Here's a little bit of inspiration...

The sky’s the limit - how about a parachute jump? Or try raising money as well as your heartbeat with a mountain trek, a swim-a-thon or a cycle event.


Difficulty: Medium

Looking for an adventure, something to tone your thighs and raise money for charity? Dig out those boots.

Fast facts:

  • The average amount raised by an active trekking page in 2010 was £1,266 – more than double the average for other pages.
  • 14,865 trekking pages were created in 2010.
See an example of a trekking page.


Difficulty: Medium

Whether you’re cycling round your local park or following the route of the Tour de France, cycling events are a great way of fundraising. Just don’t forget your gel seat.

Fast facts:

  • The average amount raised by an active cycling page in 2010 was £773.
  • Cycling to raise money is becoming more and more popular – the number of pages grew by 6% between 2009 and 2010.
See an example of a cycling page.


Difficulty: Easy

Want your big day to make someone else’s? Forget toasters – ask for charity donations instead and you’ll make a real difference.

Fast facts:

  • The highest average donation on a wedding page in 2010 was £68 – more than double the overall average.
  • 8,188 couples have set up wedding pages on JustGiving over the last 10 years. Not one of them wishes they’d asked for linen napkins instead (we’re pretty sure, anyway).
See an example of a wedding page.
Bride and groom


Difficulty: Easy

Always told you’re hard to buy for? Save your friends and family hours of traipsing round the shops – ask for donations to a cause you care about instead.

Fast facts:

  • The number of birthday pages created increased by 21% from 2009 to 2010.
  • A birthday page attracts an average of 14 donations.
See an example of a birthday page.
Birthday cake

Dinner party

Difficulty: Medium

Do you know your onions? Put on your chef’s whites and throw a dinner party. Then just ask guests to donate what they think the meal's worth.

Top tips:

  • Send out dinner invitations with the address of your page using our email tool.
  • Set a JustTextGiving code and your guests can text their donations while they’re at the dinner table.
See an example of a dinner party page.
Dinner setting

Food forfeit

Difficulty: Hard

A little sacrifice can go a long way when it comes to fundraising. Love cheese? Chocolate? Chillies? Get sponsored for abstaining and turn your loss into your favourite charity’s gain.

Top tips:

  • Forfeiting your favourite food? Try supporting a famine relief or food-related charity.
  • Celebrate the end of your abstinence in style by throwing a cheese/chocolate/chilli themed dinner party and boost your fundraising by asking for a donation.
See an example of a food forfeit page

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