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Clean drinking water for 2,500 people in Ouzala

Burkina Faso has been affected by the dangerous expansion of the Sahara desert due to climate change. This project will provide water to a community of 2,500 people in West Burkina Faso. The benefits of clean water are vast, such as a high reduction in wa

What is the problem the project is addressing?

The Ouzala community was previously able to access water via self-built boreholes, however due to climate change these are drying up and no longer sufficient for their needs. Women and children now have to travel even further from the community to find water increasing risk of attack and back and neck problems as well as children having increased time away from gaining an education. The only water they can now access carries parasites leading to amplified disease such as cholera and dysentery.

How will this project solve the problem?

The project will build a well of sufficient depth to provide a sustainable water supply for the entire community. This will reduce travelling time for women, who will now be able to work and care for their families, and children, who can now attend school. What's more, the water will be clean and disease will be heavily reduced!

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

By having a sustainable water source, the community can rise out of poverty. Disease reduction means less money spent on hospital bills and time caring for the sick. Children accessing education means they are less likely to start families young and can gain a career. There are also many ways in which the water can be used, for example families can grow and sell their own produce through the creation of market gardens.

Jul 02 2012

First Well in Burkina Faso Funded!

Philippa Hatton

WellFound are delighted with the generous donations through Global Giving which have funded our first well in Burkina Faso!

The Ouzala community in West Burkina is one of the many communities affected by Climate Change. Bordering both Niger and Mali, Burkina Faso too is affected by the droughts causing the hunger crisis in the Sahel Region of Africa. By funding this well, you will prevent a community from sinking further into poverty due to a lack of access to clean, safe water.

So what is the next stage?

We have now set up partnerships with local organizations who will be doing the building work. Then, we will draw up contracts between us, them and the community. The community will be involved in every stage of the project, and a water management committee will soon be put together so that the community have a voice as decisions are made over the project. Once all is set up, the well will be built and the water management committee can get to work on ensuring everybody can access the water!

Thank you, to all of our generous donors. We really couldn't have passed this challenge without each and every one of you. We'll have another exciting update for you soon!