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What are tags?

Tags are descriptive keywords that you choose and add to your fundraising page.

They sit at the bottom of the page and when you click on one, you can see all the other fundraising pages with the same tag. They're a way of classifying your page so that likeminded people can find it and you can find theirs.

Good examples of tags include your location, the cause you're fundraising for and your charity's name. You can add tags to any existing fundraising page.

How do I add tags to my fundraising page?

  1. Click on Your Account
  2. Enter your email address and password then click on Continue using our secure server
  3. Click on Your fundraising pages
  4. Click on Go next to the page you want to tag
  5. Click on Add tags to your fundraising page and add your tags

What sort of tags should I add?

Make them as relevant and obvious as possible, so you're more likely to find other pages with the same tags.

Eg marathon, cycling, Manchester, cancer, alzheimers, wedding, the name of your charity, etc.

Avoid using phrases like 'please sponsor me' or 'a marathon not a sprint'. People are less likely to think of the same phrase and the idea of tagging is to help you find similar pages.

Can tags have more than one word?

Yes, you can use phrases like 'London marathon' or 'Cancer Research'.

Can I use symbols?

No, you can only use letters and numbers in tags. All tags have to have at least three characters.

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