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Can I set a calendar reminder to donate?

Yes! Just click on 'Set reminder' near the top right of any fundraising page (above the personal message) and you can set a reminder to donate in your Outlook, Google, Yahoo or MSN calendar on a date that suits you.

Why can't I make a pledge on my friend's page ('pay on completion')?

When you make a donation through Justgiving, we process your payment promptly and send it straight to the charity.

We used to have a 'pay on completion' button, giving you the option to pledge a donation. This involved us storing your card details and only debiting your card once the fundraiser completed their event. We took the pledge option away because the 'delayed processing' system doesn't work with the enhanced security measures that we've built into our site.

Now we ask you to enter the 3-digit security code on the back of your card. This code confirms you are the rightful owner of the card, so we can't store it. Pledges involve storing your card details until we process your donation, so we can't support them.

We comply with the highest security standards available for websites today.?

Will my friend?raise less as a result of this change?

Plenty of Justgiving pages without the pledge option do just as well in the long run.

If you prefer not to donate right away, please remember to visit your friend's page and donate after they've finished their event. They'll probably email you a reminder anyway!

What will happen to pledges that I've already made?

We will process any pledges that you've already made?in the usual way. You don't need to do anything.

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