Why use JustGiving?

You'll reach more people & raise more money with JustGiving. Here's why. 

Our site is easy and fast

You can create a fundraising page in less than a minute, and donate in less than 20 seconds. You get complete peace of mind, because our dedicated support team is on the phone and on email, every day of the week.


Charity fundraising is all we do

We focus exclusively on helping you and your charity raise more money. We don't try to sell you anything or send you unwanted emails. We never use your data for any other purpose, ever.


Your friends are already here

Chances are, some of your friends are among our 13 million users. They know how easy it is to use our site, and they're only a click or two away from making a donation.


We give you the best tools out there

And we're always improving them, helping you reach more people more easily. We offer PayPal on the site and on mobile, and we are the only site to allow you to automatically share your fundraising on Facebook and Twitter. Whether it's on our website, on your phone, or on Facebook, you can raise funds and donate wherever you are.


Super-fast donation and Gift Aid payment

We send 100% of your donation to the charity within days. We then reclaim the Gift Aid, and send it to the charity, net of our fee, in about 25 days. It's a lot more efficient than anything our charity members, especially the smaller ones, could do themselves.