In this wide-ranging area you will find disabled charities that help with every disability imaginable - both physical and mental.

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Support the charities that help people regardless of their disability with housing, therapies, research, education, training, care and employment.
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Learning disabilities
The charities in this category help people with learning disabilities through education, play and support in the classroom.
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Help restore the sight of blind people in poor countries and relieve the suffering of incurable blindness at home and abroad.
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Here you can help relieve the suffering of those with hearing problems and support charities that help them communicate in a hearing world.
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Help improve the mobility of disable people by providing special equipment and mobility aids.
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Brain and spine
Help charities that rehabilitate people paralysed by spinal cord injury offering them hope and inspiration.
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Help educate children in poor countries and those that need special help in the UK.
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Charities that are carrying out cutting-edge research into the causes of disability and searching for cures.
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