International aid agencies
Aid charities work with some of the world's poorest people, bringing them shelter, food, water and medicines. International aid charities listed here provide education, training and real hope to desperate communities.

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Here you will find the global charities, that help reduce poverty, improve health and campaign for greater economic opportunities for poor people throughout the world.
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Emergency relief
Working in the immediate aftermath of emergencies – both natural and man-made – these charities provide food, water, medicine and shelter as soon as is humanly possible.
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Help the charities that deliver food, education and healthcare to the children of poor countries.
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If you have a particular country in mind this is where you should look to find a charity that works in a particular place, be it India, Malawi or Russia.
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Help disabled people abroad by supporting charities that provide vital equipment and mobility aids, education and training.
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If you are interested in helping educate people in developing countries this is where to look – many of these charities promote the education of girls and women in areas where they traditionally don’t receive any education.
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These organisations send doctors and nurses to work in the developing world and train local health professionals in basic medicine and disease prevention. They provide drugs, carry out operations and restore health to thousands of people every day.
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