Homelessness charities
There is more to homelessness than sleeping on the streets - and it can affect anyone. Homelessness charities work to improve the lives of anyone who has no home, with food, shelter and education and training opportunities.

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These charities help those sleeping rough and those who donít have permanent homes. They offer training and employment, hostels and healthcare but most importantly hope to the homeless.
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Support these charities in their efforts to house people in some of the most deprived areas on earth, through affordable housing and self-build initiatives, grants and technical help.
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Shelters / foyers
These charities offer more than just a bed for the night Ė they offer training, healthcare and education to give homeless people more chance of a better future.
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Missing persons
People go missing for a variety of reasons and some donít feel able to contact their loved ones. These charities help restore contact, work to heal family rifts and try to trace missing people.
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